About Locus

Locus: partner in diversity & inclusion

Locus supports private firms in the Netherlands on the inclusion of employees with disabilities. The needs and opportunities of employers are leading in the Locus approach. Locus is an independent foundation with a public-private network consisting of private companies, municipalities and social firms in the Netherlands.

We have nation wide coverage. We cooperate closely with AWVN (society of employers), De Normaalste Zaak (foundation creating awareness of the benefits of inclusive businesses) and UWV (government institute responsible for execution of social security). The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment supports Locus.

We look for practical solutions for your situation to reach a sustainable impact on the work force of your organisation. In close cooperation with you we build a business model to add value in terms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and business results.

Locus: partner in diversity & inclusion

At your request we connect you with both public and private service providers of people with disabilities. We come to national arrangements with these parties. This saves you time and energy and reduces your effort to create and maintain cooperation with public service providers.  As an additional service we generate an action plan covering measures on a strategic, tactical and operational level to assure a sustainable influx of disabled people in your company.

Locus can also supply activities on other HR issues like re-integration of sick or disabled employees, staff mobility and people development. So corporate social responsibility policies will generate a broader positive effect on the whole company.

 Locus partnership benefits

Companies that become partner of Locus benefit from:

  1. General advice and support.
  2. Start up of a pilot project. Delivery of a company specific manual for implementation based on pilot results.
  3. Company film of pilot project for further implementation of the approach across different sites.
  4. Implementation support for the developed approach.
  5. Preparation by Locus of transfer of employees from public and private service providers to your company
  6. Guidance of public companies in order to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness for your company.
  7. Additional services to become an inclusive organisation.
  8. Knowledge sharing through newsletters, website, publications and network meetings.

The Locus network consists of approximately 142 organisations at the end of 2018. You can also find examples of company films on this webpage.